Nova Scotia

Beverage Container Deposit-Refund Program

The Beverage Container Deposit-Refund Program is fully managed by Divert NS. We have an established collection system through a network of independently-owned Enviro-Depots in 78 locations across the province. The beverage container return rate has averaged 82% for the past five years, and achieved 82.4% in fiscal 2020. There are 106 beverage distributors and 104 liquor distributors currently registered to sell over 143,250 products in Nova Scotia.

Used Tire Management Program

Tire recycling in Nova Scotia began when the Used Tire Recycling Program was established in 1997 as part of Nova Scotia’s Solid Waste Resource Management Regulations.

When you purchase on-road passenger tires, you pay a one-time environmental fee to support the cost of collecting and processing used tires. Divert NS—in partnership with retailers—administers a stewardship agreement to help facilitate keeping used tires out of our provincial landfills.