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Beverage Container Recycling Network of Canada

Réseau canadien de recyclage des contenants de boissons

The membership of BCRNC/RCRCB is comprised of representatives from the beverage container recycling agencies in the provinces and territories of Canada, including British Columbia, Alberta, Northwest Territories, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Quebec, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland and Labrador. Accountable to both its stakeholders and the public, BCRNC/RCRCB members are responsible for the management and delivery of the province wide beverage container recycling programs operated within their jurisdictions, in accordance with provincial legislation. Collectively, we are responsible for the effective stewardship of over 7 billion beverage containers distributed in Canada each year. We strongly support, and are leaders in, diverting beverage containers from our natural environment. For over two decades we have worked cooperatively to optimize the recovery of beverage containers across Canada. Across Canada, over 78% of beverage containers are recycled through these provincial beverage container management programs. 

As a voluntary organization made up of provincial beverage container recycling program leaders from across the country, BCRNC/RCRCB provides a unique venue for the exchange of best practices, sharing of KPIs and the opportunity for the distinct programs to collaborate on joint initiatives that result in “raising the bar” for beverage container recycling in Canada.