British Columbia

Recycling Council of British Columbia

The Recycling Council of British Columbia is a multi-sectoral, non-profit organization promoting the principles of zero waste through information services, research and the exchange of ideas. RCBC operates a Recycling Hotline, answering more than 120,000 questions from callers around BC each year. They also developed Recyclopedia, an online resource that allows you to easily find locations where you can recycle certain materials ( The RCBC Materials Exchange Program (MEX) is a free province-wide service facilitating the reuse and recycling of waste products and materials. Find more information about MEX at


BC Recycles

BC Recycles is made up of a whole bunch of product stewardship organizations. Among us, we represent all the bits and bobs that most people aren’t quite sure what to do with or how to recycle. Our job, and the job of this site, is to make recycling easier for everyone. We hope you find all the info you need, and feel positive about doing your part to take care of this lovely little planet we call home.


Extended Producer Responsibility - Government of British Columbia 

Information about products that must be recycled in B.C. Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) is an approach to recycling that creates efficiencies and raises awareness about producing items that don't harm the environment.